Task 3.3: Rocky, intertidal habitats

Nova Mieszkowska, MBA

H0 Future high CO2 scenarios will have no significant impact on the functioning of rocky shores.

This task will develop ecological forecast models capable of predicting the status and functionality of rocky intertidal systems in response to future (Hadley Centre AR5) climate scenarios of elevated temperature and decreased seawater pH. A generic conceptual model of a rocky shore system will be designed by collaboration between experimental and modelling scientists in the consortium. 

From this, a set of predictive models will be developed using data on the performance, life history and population dynamics of key species, with the pH sensitivity of model processes derived from laboratory experiments in Aim 1 and Task 2.4.

The approach adopted by Task 3.3 to predict the system level effects of OA will involve comparison of predictions from four complementary modelling approaches for the same set of species and pH scenarios.