Dr Nick Kamenos

Dr Nick Kamenos Dr Nick Kamenos is a marine scientist at the University of Glasgow whose research investigates relationships between global change and marine ecosystems. Change is both natural but also, in recent times, has become anthropogenically driven.

His research asks questions about how the resources we obtain from the oceans are altered by the synergy between natural and anthropogenic change while trying to better determine the actual extent of global change. Marine biodiversity, fisheries, energy cascades, climate control and global biogeochemical cycles are all resources/services that oceans provide which his research considers in three broad categories:

Global change and marine ecosystems: Investigating relationships between global change (e.g. ocean acidification & climate variability) and marine ecosystems

Fisheries and marine ecosystems: Investigating if/how fisheries impact the expected responses of marine ecosystems to global change

Climatic and ecological proxies for the Holocene: Development of ultra-high resolution palaeoenvironmental and palaeoecological proxies for the Holocene

Nick’s role will be to determine the responses of maerl (coralline algae) to projected ocean acidification. He is also closely associated with investigations determining the responses of cold water corals to ocean acidification